SixStep Oral Cancer Screening
SixStep Oral Cancer Screening

Early stage oral cancer is often painless and goes undetected. Every dental checkup should include a six-step screening.

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For Patients

Get a thorough six-step oral cancer screening. → Learn more

For Dental Professionals

You can make a difference in the prevention and early detection of oral cancer. Establish a system within your practice so every patient has an oral cancer screening by a dentist or dental hygienist. → Learn More

Tongue Tasting Sectors

When I tell people I have had 1/3 of my tongue reconstructed, the treatment for late stage oral cancer, the first question they ask is if I can taste everything. fortunately, taste is bilateral so I taste everything on the one side. Ed Merrell who has had his entire tongue removed, says there are taste [...]

Medical Student at Slaughterhouse Learns Benign vs Malignant

Dr Jonathan Reisman was trying to learn all the latin names of body parts and visited a kosher slaughterhouse for help: the psoas major muscle (filet mignon); the erector spine (rib eye). He wrote an article about it. Why a kosher slaughterhouse? Because to be kosher, the basement membrane that encases every organ and all [...]

Apologies In Healthcare

If my oral surgeon apologized to me, I would never pursued a lawsuit. However, after my  husband called his office with the news that I was diagnosed at Stage IV, I never heard from him or his office again. No card, no flowers, no fruit basket, no words. I’m guessing he called his lawyer who [...]

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