SixStep Oral Cancer Screening
SixStep Oral Cancer Screening

Early stage oral cancer is often painless and goes undetected. Every dental checkup should include a six-step screening.

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For Patients

Get a thorough six-step oral cancer screening. → Learn more

For Dental Professionals

You can make a difference in the prevention and early detection of oral cancer. Establish a system within your practice so every patient has an oral cancer screening by a dentist or dental hygienist. → Learn More

HPV 16: A Vaccination That Prevents Cervical and Oropharyngeal Cancer

If there is a vaccination that prevents cervical and oropharyngeal cancer, wouldn’t you want your child to be vaccinated? Gardisil protects youth from HPV 16 and 18, the two strains that actually cause cancer out of the hundreds of strains of the virus. In addition, it provides added protection against genital warts. It is a […]


The Value of Your Dental Hygienist: RDH’s Save Lives

Do you value your appointment with your hygienist? It’s NOT about cleaning….if only the general public understood that. Hygienists provide a periodontal exam to prevent disease in your oral tissue, and an oral cancer screening to be sure there aren’t signs of pre-cancer. The cleaning is like the carwash at the end of your service. […]

Medical Field and Dental Field: To Marry

Blood from your gums may soon be the new way to test for diabetes. Some 8 million of the 29 million Americans with diabetes are undiagnosed. Since Americans are more likely to visit a dentist every year rather than a primary care physician, it makes sense to provide diabetes screenings at dental check-ups. NYU’s recent study […]

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