Medical Field and Dental Field: To Marry

Blood from your gums may soon be the new way to test for diabetes. Some 8 million of the 29 million Americans with diabetes are undiagnosed. Since Americans are more likely to visit a dentist every year rather than a primary care physician, it makes sense to provide diabetes screenings at dental check-ups. NYU’s recent study […]

What to say

What To Say: To A Cancer Survivor

So many people have said to me, “You look fantastic!” Why focus on how I look? You probably have little idea about my quality of life compromises that you cannot see on the outside. For me, I had bilateral vocal chord polyps and nodules, basal cell carcinoma in my radiated field, ringing in my ears, […]

Recommended 6-Month Oral Cavity Service: Physical And Financial Consequences

My 42 year old friend who had dental insurance through his job, had not been to his dentist for a checkup in two years. Just a week prior to his dental checkup, his new Toyota Forerunner hit 5,000 miles and was scheduled for the recommended 5,000 mile service. The $30,000 question is WHY did he wait 24 […]

Risks of Exposed Toothbrush Heads: Cleaning Fluid, Bacteria and Dust

Is your toothbrush sitting in a toothbrush holder on your sink top? Not so sanitary, but convenient. Not so pretty, but practical. If you had to open a cabinet and reach in carefully to prevent knocking over other things, you may not brush as often.  I’m a grab and brush gal. What microscopic drops of cleaning fluid, bacteria, and dust […]

Head and Neck Cancer: Bundled Fees for Care

A pilot program is being developed by UnitedHealthcare and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to explore the benefit of a preset, bundled payment for head and neck cancer care that includes chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. “Patients are going to know right upfront what the total cost is,” UnitedHealthcare’s Dr. Lee Newcomer said. […]

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