Dental Implants Are “Cosmetic” After Head and Neck Cancer

I had one molar pulled before starting radiation for stage IV oral cancer. Over the years, I’ve had two more molars extracted.  When I called my insurance company to find out if they will cover dental implants, they said they would only cover dentures. Why? ‘Implants are cosmetic.’ I didn’t occur to me to ask if [...]

Tongue Tasting Sectors

When I tell people I have had 1/3 of my tongue reconstructed, the treatment for late stage oral cancer, the first question they ask is if I can taste everything. fortunately, taste is bilateral so I taste everything on the one side. Ed Merrell who has had his entire tongue removed, says there are taste [...]

Medical Student at Slaughterhouse Learns Benign vs Malignant

Dr Jonathan Reisman was trying to learn all the latin names of body parts and visited a kosher slaughterhouse for help: the psoas major muscle (filet mignon); the erector spine (rib eye). He wrote an article about it. Why a kosher slaughterhouse? Because to be kosher, the basement membrane that encases every organ and all [...]

Apologies In Healthcare

If my oral surgeon apologized to me, I would never pursued a lawsuit. However, after my  husband called his office with the news that I was diagnosed at Stage IV, I never heard from him or his office again. No card, no flowers, no fruit basket, no words. I’m guessing he called his lawyer who [...]

A Second Opinion for Oral Cancer Treatment

Once diagnosed with oral cancer, every survivor needs to obtain a second opinion about treatment options. Surgery and radiation with no chemo? Chemo and radiation with no surgery? How invasive is the surgery? How targeted is the radiation? How much chemotherapy?  Hopefully, both opinion one seeks will be about the same. Then the choice becomes [...]

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