The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) – Common Yet Unfamiliar

25 million Americans are actively infected on any given day with high-risk HPV. We should know more about it. “3 is Key” is the slogan for Gardasil, one of the two vaccines for the HPV. It is recommended that the second vaccination take place about 2 months after the first and the third to take […]

Curt Schilling has Oral Cancer

‘I dipped for 30 years. I lost my sense of smell, taste and my gums bled … It was NOT enough to make me quit. The pain going through treatment was the worst… I wish I could go back and never have dipped,’ says 47 year old Curt Schilling in a People Magazine interview. Another […]

Oral Cancer Walk for Awareness in Bethlehem PA

Dear Friends and Fans, For the 6th year, I’m chairing the Oral Cancer Awareness Walk in Bethlehem, PA. There is a critical need that I work hard to meet. Everyone knows if they have a spot on their skin with irregular borders, or a lump in their breast, or blood in their urine…..they know what […]

Talk 4 Hope: Cancer Survivorship Stats

How many cancer survivors are there in the US? The American Cancer Society summarized the data: 14.5 million cancer survivors are alive in the Unites States 64% were diagnosed 5 or more years ago 15% were diagnosed 20 or more years ago 5% are younger than 40 and 46% are 70 or over In 10 […]

Dental Education on Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancer

The International Federation of Head and Neck Oncologic Societies (IFHNOS) 5th Annual Conference was held in NYC earlier this week. Over 3,500 medical professionals in head and neck oncology representing 65 countries were in attendance. The conference celebrated the 100th anniversary of  the Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Head and Neck services. The keynote speaker was Michael Douglas […]

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