2016 Stark County Oral Health Bowl

The day after I lectured at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio for the Stark County Dental Society, I received this email:

Dear Eva,
We must thank you for one of the very BEST, truly UNIQUE, and most riveting programs ever presented to the Stark County Dental Society! Our only regret was that many of our membership were either still vacationing or just returning from their spring breaks and could not attend! Only positive, inspirational comments from many before they left last night, including, “Bring Eva back!” I have received phone calls, texts, and email messages already this morning about your message! Comments from the CE forms included: “Very powerful! Thank you!” “EXCELLENT!” “Truly Amazing.” CE forms ask members and staff to rate the presentation from 1-5 (1=poor 5=excellent) in terms of objectives being met, overall quality of the presentation, and timeliness of the material. All forms came back with 5/Excellent ratings!!! 

A comment from one of our dentists who brought his non-dentist adult son with him……the son agreed to attend but had told his dad he would “probably duck out early.” He ended up staying for the entire program because it was just too interesting to leave!! J Of course! Eva, it is obvious you are truly gifted and talented with the ability to capture an audience and tell a story. Your message is so profound, obviously, because you are sharing your own personal, not pretty, and very painful story with a fabulous, triumphant victorious ending along with a very passionate plea to promote oral health screenings! And I personally, am sooooo glad my own dentists was there! Everyone is so thrilled our Dr. Shelly Boss recommended you! I bet we see you back in Columbus at an ODA Annual Session either this September or next! Your new friends in Stark County, Ohio, will be overjoyed to see you again! Safe travels home…..and again, thank you, Eva, for coming to Canton, Ohio!

Our best to you,

Dr. K. “Ragu” Ragunanthan, SCDS President
Dr. Shelly Boss Program Chair
Laura deForest, Executive Director

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  1. Very well said I felt the same way the first time heard Eva speak been following her since then! Awesome story teller!! Hello Eva Continue the fight

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