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Eva Grayzel
Eva Grayzel

Motivational Speaker | Master  Storyteller | Author

Abby Grayzel
Abby Grayzel


Gerald Fernandez
Gerald Fernandez

Web and Graphic Design


Vance Bell
Vance Bell


Constance Arcury

Graphic Design

Harry Dorian

Attorney at Law

Six-Step Screening’s Advisory Board includes survivors and medical and dental professionals. These individuals contribute valuable advice regarding proper procedure, HIPPA guidelines, helping individuals through the disease and growing Six-Step Screening. They include:

  • Kenneth Cohen, St Lukes Health Network
  • Jerry Wilck, Retired DDS and Oral Cancer Survivor
  • Cynthia Starr, Oncologist
  • Phillip Vigneri, Radiation Oncologist
  • Hillel Ephros, DMD, MD, St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center
  • Eileen Ciszak, Parent of 27 year old Melissa who died from oral cancer
  • David Eiskowitz, Oral Cancer Survivor
  • Babara Boland, RDH, Oral Cancer Survivor, co-creator of Sextet Screening.