Save-A-Life Rap

I was driving to Boston up Interstate 95 listening to LL Cool J on the radio, and a line came into my head:

“My name is Eva Grayzel
I gotta story to tell”

That’s good, I thought. I turned off the radio and the rhyming lines kept coming. I had to keep pulling over to write them down!

What could we do to raise awareness about oral cancer among young people, the fastest growing segment falling victim to this disease? What better way than in a rap! Check out this professionally-produced music video with freestyle break dancers and studio-trained ballet dancers…and Eva! Do your part in saving a life….share this video.

Eva Grayzel performs the Save-A-Life Oral Cancer Rap live at all presentations, involving the entire audience singing the chorus and doing the ‘arm wave’ which gets everyone out of their seats to learn something new and have fun.

“Raise awareness -SHOUT IT OUT!
Savin’ a life is what it’s all about.”

Download the Rap Lyrics


Having a hard time understanding all the words? Read them below, or here is a version of the rap with the lyrics in subtitles.


I thought it was a canker sore, just wouldn’t go away.
I hurt and my dentist had nothing to say.
I told the oral surgeon this sore won’t quit.
It even gave me an earache. I was sick of it.
I was desperate for answers. I needed a solution.
But, for nine months I was living a delusion.
You ready for the DX, the diagnosis?
Stage 4 Oral Cancer….Holy Moses!


If a canker sore doesn’t go away
It could be oral cancer, catch it early, don’t delay
Hoarse voice, lump in neck, persistent cough
It could be oral cancer. Don’t shrug it off.

You’d think this disease is for those who smoke and drink.
But look at me, I’m not the type you’d think
would get this disease. But, I made it through the hoop
I’m lucky to speak, so I need to give ya’ll the scoop.
If a sore doesn’t heal within two weeks,
Go to a dentist, oral surgeon and let them take a peek.
Go to a practice that has current eduction
in oral cancer so they make the right evaluation.


I survived so that I could tell ya my story.
But, I’ll spare you all the details of my surgery so gory.
Keep pestering docs until the problem goes away
So you don’t go thru what I did – listen up – Hey!
Know the early signs when they check your tongue and more
The lips, cheeks, throat, palate, and the mouth floor.
Six-Step Screening tells you ‘what the heck is it?’
And what to expect at your next dental visit.


With a reconstructed tongue and ONE neck muscle to boot,
I can still rap and even break dance, what a hoot!
Oh ya don’t believe me…Hey, guys turn up the beat.
This silver-haired woman can still turn on the heat.
(POP and BREAK dance)
Raise awareness. Shout it out.
Saving a life is what it’s all about.