Save-A-Life Rap


What could we do to raise awareness about oral cancer among young people, the fastest growing segment falling victim to this disease? What better way than in a rap! Check out this professionally-produced music video with freestyle break dancers and studio-trained ballet dancers…and Eva! Do your part in saving a life….share this video.

“Raise awareness -SHOUT IT OUT!
Savin’ a life is what it’s all about.”

 Download the Rap Lyrics

Having a hard time understanding all the words? Here is a version of the rap with the lyrics in subtitles.

Eva Grayzel performs the Save-A-Life Oral Cancer Rap live at all presentations, involving the entire audience singing the chorus and doing the ‘arm wave’ which gets everyone out of their seats to learn something new and have fun.

“If a canker sore doesn’t go away,
it could be oral cancer catch it early don’t delay!
Hoarse voice, lump in neck, persistent cough,
it could be oral cancer. Don’t shrug it off!”