Battle Scars

I bumped into the mom of a friend of mine who recently had surgery for brain cancer. She looked wonderful and I told her so. Her response, “Yes, but I have this scar on my face.” I literally had to get up close to see it. I left her feeling sadness in my heart. That little scar allowed her another many years of life! Yet, she didn’t focus on the life she was awarded but the scar the surgery left behind.

Let’s help all those who feel the same way. Show your scar. Be proud of the challenge you endured. Let the world know that despite your losses, life is meant to be lived to it’s fullest. It’s NOT about the length of our lives….but the breadth of our lives. Spread your wings and let the world admire your strength!

I recently met Gloria, also a tongue cancer survivor and young to boot! She asked me to contribute a story on video for her website Bravely Beautiful, stories of strong survivors.

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  1. Hi Eva and congratulations on your recovery! My brother Greg was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on his tongue and tonsil at the end of July 2013. He had a first surgery to remove 30 lymph nodes from his neck which were found to be cancer free, thank God. A second robotic surgery removed the cancer. Both were performed at U of Penn in Philadephia. He is healing up, but is very weak in the muscles of his head,neck,shoulder and clavicle area on that side despite his physical therapy. He is allowed 20 treatments of PT total during his lifetime. He’s not sure he will be able to do his job effectively by Nov. so he has questions. Is there a support group where he might be able to talk to you and other survivors and their experience with how well they healed. Do you know of any good lawyers that could give him advice on possibly filing for disability if needed? He would love to work, but his job is physical and he’s really not feeling too confident about it right now. Thank you for any advice you can give us. Sincerely, Diane

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      Diane, We have a fun group of survivors that organize the Oral Cancer Awareness Walk in Bethlehem. The 5th Annual walk took place last weekend. Often, we meet in Allentown. We would LOVE to include Greg. I will email you for Greg’s email so I can be in touch with him directly. Thanks for reaching out and being such a supportive sister!

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