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Eva Grayzel, a nationally recognized Master Storyteller and performance artist was diagnosed at age 33 with Stage IV oral cancer and given a 15% chance of survival. After regaining her deep vibrant voice, Eva applied her stage skills to communicate the depth of her experience in a unique and powerful way. For over a decade, Eva has captivated dental professionals worldwide, using her story as a catalyst for change Audiences don’t just hear her story, they experience it.

In our culture of data overload, the only way to remember information is through story. An expert on interactive storytelling techniques with 25 years experience, Eva trains healthcare professionals to tap the power of story to build a client base, inspire trust, and foster patient loyalty. Whether it’s a keynote, workshop or performance, Eva educates, entertains and inspires audiences through the power of story.

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Eva’s Audience in Phoenix, AZ
Apogee Dental Summit, April 2012

Tongue Tied: A Story NOT Silenced by Oral Cancer

One person dies every hour of every day in the U.S. from oral cancer. Eva Grayzel came close to being the ‘one’ in this statistic. The riveting details about Eva’s delayed diagnosis stimulate thinking about enhanced patient and education. Eloquent and engaging, Eva reveals the effects of treatment, driving listeners to take responsibility for early intervention. Putting a face to the disease, Eva inspires audiences with her firsthand account of hardships unanticipated and overcome, courage unknown and discovered, a mother’s love tested and triumphant. Eva speaks from heart to heart, making her memorable message a catalyst for change. Audiences don’t just hear her story, they experience it.

• Integrate oral cancer screenings with patient education
• Optimize screening techniques and patient care
• Motivate passion to save lives through early detection

There’s No Business Like Story Business

How do you inspire trust, build a client base and increase commitment to products and services? It’s all in the story! Facts and figures alone don’t engage attention or influence change. Tap the power of story to evoke a connection, build relationships and foster patient loyalty. In this thought-provoking program, attendees are challenged to find the story that exemplifies their values and showcases what makes them stand out among the competition.

• Use story as a tool to increase success
• Promote your strengths using story
• Communicate the value of services with story

Beating the Odds: A Story NOT Silenced by Oral Cancer

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