An Oral Cancer Caregiver: Sarah McBride

Sarah McBride’s husband died at 28 from oral cancer. Provide the Six-Step Screening poster to your dentist/doctor: Education saves lives.


Neck Pain And Headaches: Long Term Effects of Surgery for Stage IV Oral Cancer

Neck pain plagues me. Even though my surgery removing my SCM 22 years ago, along with a third of my tongue, was a great success, one of the long term effects is muscular issues in my imbalanced neck which leads to headaches. Last night, I had a discovery. The non-surgical side is the one that causes me pain. I fell …


Oral Pathologist Uncovers Gross Negligence: Walter Reed Medical Center

When Oral Pathologist Dr. Laura Ike couldn’t find the radiology report on a scan of patients jaw, she wondered if other patients had scans that fell through the cracks. She uncovered gross negligence on a big scale affecting a couple of thousand patients at the Walter Reed Medical Center. If you don’t have a subscription to the Wall Street Journal …