Dental School Student Kidney Recipient

I was touched by the article I read about Devora Steinmetz, a ‘living kidney donor’. Why would someone risk her own well-being for a stranger?  When her family was dealing with a serious illness, she was the recipient of extraordinary acts of kindness.  She couldn’t repay the favors, but she could ‘pay it forward’ by doing the same for another.

Small sacrifice for saving a life through kidney donation

The student’s parents wanted to shower Devora with gifts.  How else could they thank her for giving their son life??  She told them to show a kindness to another person in need.  This unnamed Israeli dental school student promised her to donate one day a month in her name to people who can’t afford dental services.The search began.  She found a couple of sites listing individuals in need of a kidney.  A test proved she was a perfect match for a dental student in dire need of a kidney.  She wasn’t just giving him a kidney; she was giving him his life.  What could be more rewarding?  In the Babylonian Talmud it says,  “Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.”  Imagine… this dental student could pay it forward by becoming a specialist in early detection of oral cancer, and save lives himself!

May we all find ways to pay it forward, and make this world a better place.  I’m trying to do that with  Check out my bookmark on what you can do for someone who is sick.




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