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You can make a difference by finding oral cancer early and saving a life. Establish a system within your practice so every patient regularly receives an oral cancer screening by a dentist or dental hygienist.

  • Make early detection a priority.
  • Commit to staying current with new research related to oral cancer.
  • Give your patients the best care possible.

At your next CE conference, attend a course on early detection of oral cancer.

The difference between catching oral cancer early and catching it late:
caught early

Caught Early

Glossectomy for Stage IV tongue cancer

Caught Late

Staff Party Idea

1- Show a head and neck exam video

2- Distribute gauze, tongue depressor, gloves, loupes/light

3- Provide a screening on a colleague

4- Develop a standard of oral cancer screenings for the practice

Best Practices:

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Six-Step Salute

If a dental or medical professional has saved a life by detecting oral cancer early, we want to honor them with a Six-Step Salute. Share the story, win the award and have your website linked to ours.