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Praveen Gudipati, DMD, MPH, FAGD
Cumming Dental Smiles, Cumming GA

Comment: The Six-Step Screening methodically points to the six areas to check in an oral cancer screening. I will incorporate this method in all my four dental practices and teach my fellow dentists and teams.

Steven Parrett, DDS
Cumberland Valley Dental Care, Chambersburg PA

Comment: Eva, seeing your presentation in person is powerful. Every dental professional who sees it will improve the quality of life of their patients and most likely save lives. The 5th and 6th steps of the Six-Step screening are important for discovering the HPV related cancers.

Lynda Ambs, RDH
Robert Cole, DDS, Spring Arbor MI

Comment: The Six Step Screening Poster and screening process is so easy to perform and use to educate patients. Every practice should be using it on every patient at every recall appointment.

Jeffry Kerbs, DDS
Jeffry Kerbs – The Art of Creating Beautiful Smiles, Rancho Escondido, CA

Comment: I endorse Six-Step Screening and it’s efforts to effectively raise awareness about early detection of oral cancer for the general public.

Jacinda Conroy, RDH
Office of Joseph Gormley DDS, Florence, KY

Comment: The Six-Step poster is on my cork board and has become my ‘accountability partner.’ It places more value on the screening I provide and patients make sure I do all the steps or they feel cheated. Now, they share stories about friends or family who have had mouth cancer and express gratitude that they are receiving a thorough oral cancer screening.

Ernest Watson, DDS
Placerville, CA

Comment: After hearing your talk, I got my whole office on board with the Six-Step Screening. The hygienist does it first , then I follow-up with one too. Both are recorded! Four eyes are always better than two.

Thomas Schopler, DDS
Atlantic Florida Dental, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Comment: I endorse Six-Step Screening and it’s efforts to effectively raise awareness about early detection of oral cancer for the general public.

Candace Leveille, RDH
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Comment: Eva’s message drove home the importance of not just looking but palpating. I make this a priority as the final step in the recare appointment. Patients appreciate it. It gives us a moment to discuss the importance of self care.

Sikka Nidhi, DDS
Sikka Dental Corporation, San Jose, CA

Comment: I endorse Six-Step Screening and it’s efforts to effectively raise awareness about early detection of oral cancer for the general public.

Elaine Check, RDH
Office of Stuart Holmes, Jackson, MI

Comment: I was surprised that many patients didn’t realize what we were doing during our comprehensive oral exams. They never knew part of it was an oral cancer screening. We had become so used to doing it and I guess we stopped explaining what/why we did it! Thanks for making posters that do a great job of explaining the importance of our jobs!

Judy Schmidt, RDH
Willard Street Family Dental, Burlington VT

Comment: After seeing Eva talk about her survival with oral cancer, it inspired me to make sure my patients were getting the best care possible! Her steps are easy and straight forward. It can save a life! Everyone should learn how to do a exam! It takes less than 5 min!

Carol Dahlke, RDH MDH
Business and Clinical Consultant at Accelerated Practice Concepts Inc.

Comment: Your life story had a profound effect on me.Thank you for not giving up when you wanted to. I will put forth your message about screenings and patient education across North America at the dental offices I visit.

Anne Murray, RDH
Crossing Bridge Family Dentistry, Ontario Canada

Comment: After hearing Eva’s lecture, I was amazed that something like this could be overlooked. I want to ensure that each of my patients get the best care and that should include this Six-Step oral cancer screening at each visit. Thank you Eva!

Christi Cook, RDH, BS
Riverdale Dental Centre, Brighton CO

Comment: I cannot believe when patients tell me “No one has ever pulled out my tongue before…is this something new?” The oral cancer screening can save a life, not just a tooth. It takes five minutes and it is the most important service I provide, followed by a comprehensive periodontal screening.

Lisa Adair, RDH
Dazzling Whites Mobile Dental Hygiene Services, Alberta Canada

Comment: All dental professionals should perform oral cancer screenings on each patient at every visit. I do a screening knowing the patient just saw the dentist in the other room. At least I can be assured that I did it! Thank you for providing an easy Six-Step card for this purpose. It is necessary to understand the quality of care patients receive.

Gail Starling, RDH
Redwood Dental Hygiene Society, Santa Rosa CA

Comment: Hearing Eva speak at the CDHA House of Delegates has changed how I approach my oral cancer screenings. I know she will have the same impact when I bring her to speak to my Dental Hygiene Society in Santa Rosa. Keep up the great work, Eva!

Roberta Di Petta, RDH
Dental One Associates, Fayetville, GA

Comment: Eva, you are reaching out in an amazing format to promote this very crucial public awareness message! I am a Dental Hygienist with 35 years of experience. I’ve been doing oral cancer screenings on all my patients, children included, since Hygiene school. So many types of tissue irregularities can be spotted, but ONLY if someone is looking for them.

Himanshi Singla, BDS, MDS, FCCI
Director, Maxillofacial and Cleft Surgery Group, Guragon, India

Comment: Six-Step Screening for Oral Cancer is the ideal tool for early detection: simple, easy to understand, and gets the message out. It should be posted in every dental office for both patient and dental health provider awareness. We at Maxillofacial & Cleft Surgery Group supports the efforts of Six-Step Screening for Oral Cancer and are planning to start and promote its efforts In Gurgaon, India. We look forward to be associated with them for better care and eradication of Oral Cancer.

Kay Overcash, RDH
Nichols Family Dentistry, Medina OH

Comment: I believe we have a duty to our patients to be as educated and diligent as possible since often we are the first (and maybe the only) line of defense they have to be screened for oral cancer. It is not part of a typical physical at the physician’s office, and unless you have an issue, it is not part of a dermatologist exam either. We are IT! Any and all information should be shared and discussed with our patients and among our peers.

Mark Docktor, DDS
Dental Arts, Hoboken NJ

Comment: You motivated me to be as thorough and caring to all patients as I can be. We’ve been doing your 6-step soft tissue exam routinely, and also educating our patients about what we are doing and it’s importance. Your awareness crusade is a great one, and I tell everyone about it! Your presentation is powerful.

Carrie Montroy, RDH

Comment: I talk about you with all my patients while I am giving them their oral cancer screening. You are truly inspiring! I have told anyone who was at the convention that if they missed your class, they missed out big time!

Linda Molee, DMD
Dr.Linda Jaye Molee, Freehold NJ

Comment: Keep up the good word Eva! You are a blessing to the profession of dentistry!!!

Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS

Comment: I have been listening to Eva’s story via an American Dental Association video for many years. I had the pleasure of presenting a course in North Carolina in October 2011. Her story is amazing and her passion monumental. Our world is different and better because Eva is part of it. She has taken her tragedy and made her mission. Her Six-Step Screening is must for every person, no matter the age. With HPV as the #1 risk factor surpassing smoking and alcohol, we can’t start this process too soon. Eva has created a simple way to make it happen.

John Robinson, DDS
Santa Rosa, CA and UCSF

Comment: This is really great information! I really appreciate and agree with the point that everyone should be doing a self exam from time to time as well as receiving a professional examination. The six-step examination should be done at every dental recall examination. It takes very little time, and it can help detect not only cancer, but other oral diseases as well. It is very important. Thank you, Eva!

Loree Christianson, RDH
Radiance Dental Hygiene Cliniq, Vancouver British Columbia

Comment: What I love about Six-Step Screening is that it relates to the public and reaches out to them like no other covering so many aspects in one site! It is fantastic.

Debbie Hartman, RDHAP
Western University, College of Dental Medicine, Pomona CA

Roma Czech, RDH
Independant Hygienist, Midland Ontario

Comment: We provide yearly Oral Cancer Screenings for all patients. There have been a few suspicious lesions found and they were pre-cancerous. Thank you Six-Step Screening for raising awareness. On a humourous note, one patients’ lesions were caused by his fondness of jalapeno peppers and disappeared within a week of quitting his daily “habit”.

Beverly Frye, RDH / BSDH
Face Value Dental Hygiene Services, Seattle WA

Comment: Early detection is key.

Pamela J. Myers, RDH
Manager, Dental Hygiene Program, University of Texas Medical Branch-Correctional Managed Care

Comment: Raising awareness is paramount in prevention of oral cancer. I have heard Eva speak. She put a “face” to oral cancer and heightened my awareness and empathy, thus improving my patient care. I have shared her story with many other dental professionals and her book as well. Keep moving forward, Eva. You are a powerful force!

Martin Jablow, DMD
Green Street Dental Group, NJ

Comment: Coming from a perspective only those who have endured oral cancer can know, Eva makes educating both dentists and the public her personal mission in the ongoing battle for early diagnosis of oral cancer.

Martin Van Tassell
Redwood Empire Dental Society, Santa Rosa CA

Abraham M. Speiser, DDS
Former Chief, Dental Services, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Comment: I just spent 30 minutes checking out Eva Grayzel’s website, www.sixstepscreening.org. It is multifaceted and fully factual. I heard her speak twice, once at a meeting of the NJ Governor’s Cancer Prevention Task Force Oral Cancer Workgroup and once at a half day seminar. I am looking forward to the success of her efforts to increase dentist compliance and early detection. If her website and six step screening go viral, then every patient will DEMAND an oral cancer screening from their dentist at every exam and recall.

Philip Barbell, DDS
Dental Risk Management Consultant, Coral Springs FL

Comment: Eva has improved an already excellent concept. Six Step Screening should be a required process in every dental office. Make a promise to your patients and their health that you will attend one of her fantastic programs within the next year and will institute Six Step Screening in your practice today.

Sandra Zellers, RDH
Leland Wilhoite, DDS

Comment: I applaud Eva for her efforts to raise awareness of the need for oral cancer screenings and am happy to endorse her! Early detection is key!

Ross Kerr, DDS, MSD
NYU College of Dentistry

Comment: Great website!

Lisa Shaw, RDH, MS
Faxton St Lukes Dental Health Center, Utica NY

Comment: While oral cancer screening is taught to all dental and dental hygiene students, many times that skill and practice either does not transfer to clinical practice or does so in a shortend version. I am thrilled that Eva has put this most important element of treatment in our faces and reminds us of its importance over and over again. I tell my students that it is the most important thing that they will ever do for any patient. Leaving a little calculus by mistake won’t kill them…forgetting to assess for oral cancer may!
I have also just read of the importance of palpating the neck and examing the oropharyngeal area, as our new generation of oral cancers (HPV16 related ) do not present in the same areas of the mouth that tobacco related cancers do. In addition, adjunct screening tools may not work in detecting cancers that are HPV 16 related.

Patty Pomeroy, RDH
Singh Family Dentistry

Comment: It’s good to be reminded…we are in such a perfect position to do the six point exam. Thank you for putting it together.

Rose M. Hall, RDHAP
San Diego, CA

Hillel Ephros, DMD, MD
Chairman, Department of Dentistry
Department of Dentistry and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Seton Hall University School of Health and Medical Sciences

Comment: Not only is there nothing objectionable or even controversial about your approach, but in fact, it is refreshing and compelling to have the enthusiasm generated by a survivor rather than a doctor.

Olga Kharevich, DMD, PhD
Maxillo-Facial Prosthodontist,  Hollywood FL

Comment:  Eva created an amazing impressive project about spreading the knowledge on oral cancer prevention. Great resource for patients and the doctors as well.

Lisa Shaw, RDH, MS
Faxton St.Luke’s Healthcare and SUNY Canton School of Dental Hygiene

Comment:  Eva and her story are amazing. I am proud to endorse this effort!

Beth Anderson, RDH
Providence Dental Care, Mt. Juliet, TN

Janet Sheffer, DDS
Park Ridge Dental Boutique, Park Ridge, IL

Judy Schmidt, RDH
Willard Street Family Dental, Burlington VT

Comment:  Very simple to follow yet one of the most important things we can do for our patients!

Nevin Zablotsky, DMD
Periodontist/ADA CELL SEMINAR Series lecturer

Comment:  Eva has created a great resource for everyone who cares about eradicating oral cancer as the cause of death in this country. I applaud her enthusiasm and dedication to this cause.

Elaine Katzman, RDH
Prosthodontic Associates, Summit NJ

Comment:  Six-Step Screening is truly working in our office; every hygienist now screens all patients. I recently detected an enlarged thyroid in a patient who was subsequently diagnosed with a malignant thyroid. Needless to say how grateful he and his family are! Thank you, Eva, from all of us. You have an amazing influence on those you touch.

Lanita Brooks, RDH
Zila Pharmaceuticals, Regional Manager NC

Comment:  Eva Grayzel and her message is so contagious! I feel blessed to have heard her story; a true inspiration. I continue to refer friends and collegues to Six-Step Screening. Eva, please continue with the passion you exude.

Carol Gambone, RDH
Yarzabek Dental, East Norriton PA

Comment:  Lived through this watching my husband go through treatment. Young children at home. It is 6 years later, all is well. You bet I screen my patients!

Linda Jaye Molee, DMD,PC
Linda Jaye Molee, DMD,PC, General Practice, Freehold NJ

Comment:  Having just experienced Eva’s lecture today I am confident that she will continue to be a tremendous influence in educating the public about such a devastating disease. I am so happy my staff wanted to attend because this truly is a team effort. Kudos Eva for all of your hard work, dedication and determination.

Dennis M. Abbott, DDS,PC
President & CEO, Dental Oncology Professionals of North Texas

Comment:  The statistics speak for themselves: early detection saves lives! Eva’s approach is comprehensive. Palpation is a must for a thorough exam. I am glad to see such an easy-to-follow guideline available as an invaluable resource for dentists and hygienists.

Clara Lee, DDS
Waterside Dental Care, NY NY

Comment:  It’s not often that an oral cancer survivor is such a poignant storyteller. In Eva, we get a generous dose of both. I’m inspired that she has the heart and dedication to spread early cancer detection awareness. Six-Step Screening is so easy to remember and should be an integral comprehensive part of every office’s oral evaluation.

Cathy K. Draper, RDH,MS
Adjunct Faculty, Foothill College and Editor of the Journal of the California Dental Hygienits’ Association

Comment:  Oral cancer screening should be an essential component of every dental hygiene care appointment. Eva’s story leaves a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of hearing her. Once you hear Eva speak, you will never omit an oral cancer examination from your patients’ care.

Temjennungsang Longchari, BDS
Dental touch, Dimapur Nagaland, India
Comment:  I endorse Six-step Screening. Let’s join hands for a better, smarter world, saving lives through awareness and early detection of oral cancer.

Victoria Tsavdaridou, MD
Private Practice ENT, Athens Greece

Comment: I endorse Six-Step Screening and it’s efforts to effectively raise awareness about early detection of oral cancer for the general public.

Vikki Goff, RDH

Farrow Road Dental Group, Columbia, SC

Jeffrey Clayton, MD
Vice-Chief of Anesthesiology, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento CA

Comment: Six-Step Screening for Oral Cancer is the ideal tool for early detection: simple, easy to understand, and gets the message out. It should be posted in every dental office for both patient and dental health provider awareness.

Sam LaMonte, MD, FACS
Retired head and neck surgeon, Pensacola FL

Comment: Eva Grayzel has taken the initiative to create a program for all of us to follow. Getting the word out to the public about early detection of cancer will lower the mortality rate of some of the most terrible cancers to endure. She is a survivor as I am, and as I work on guidelines for post-treatment surveillance for primary care physicians, I know I will have an advocate in Eva to spread the word for not only early detection of oral and oropharyngeal cancers, but continuous monitoring of these survivors throughout their lives by dentists and all primary care professionals.

After operating on head and neck cancers for 30 years, and experiencing a throat cancer myself, I am so happy to see Eva’s six-step program thrive. We all must be advocates and spread the word as Eva is doing; it is vital to continuing the fight against this disease.

Wei Chen, MD PhD
Pathologist, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Comment: Oral Pathologists are special dentists who specialize in examing soft tissue of the oral cavity. It should be made public knowledge that patients who have soft tissue lesions in the oral cavity should be referred to oral pathologists for consultation. However oral pathologists who see patients only exist in big academic centers. This highlights the importance of training general dentists.

All dental students should watch Eva’s show “Tongue-Tied, A Story NOT Silenced by Oral Cancer”! They and all their patients will benifite from it. Thanks a lot, Eva!

Lauren Regina, RD, CSO, LDN, CNSC
Registered Dietitian, Young’s Medical Equipment, Easton PA

Comment: Prevention and early screening is key. Eva’s courageous efforts in getting the word out on the importance of Six-Step Screening are truly inspiring. As a dietitian who works with cancer survivors that are receiving tube feeding, I think Eva is an incredible role model for those who have struggled with cancer and it’s devastating effects short and long-term. Her story is powerful and poignant…keep spreading the word Eva!

Jeanna Richelson
Oral Cancer Survivor, Chatanooga TN

Comment: My hygienist loves the Six-Step Self Exam that you created!!! She heard you speak at the conference in Nashville last year and loves you!!!! You are touching lives all over the country!

Harry Dorian, Esq
Dorian, Goldstein, Wisniewski & Orchinik, P.C, Bensalem PA

Comment: The format for the course, “Serve Your Patients Right and Avoid Getting Served: Perspectives from the Doctor, Lawyer and Patient” is perfect: a very effective one-two-three punch! You tap into their deepest emotions and open them up to hearing the factual information given by the doctor. Then I tap into their unspoken fears. It’s definitely more effective because I was actually your attorney and I looped it back to your amazing story. I can’t imagine a single dentist who heard us not doing an Oral Cancer Screening on every patient!

Kelly Scott
Auckland, New Zealand

Comment: I feel so much better equipped just from reading your website…now I can ensure that I receive the proper oral health checks by a suitable qualified professional….I will most definitely ensure my biopsy is read by an oral pathologist too.

Shelly Slader
Brisbane, Australia

Comment: I was always taught to be an advocate of my own health. It’s important that we know how to do self check-ups and take care of our bodies. We go from doctor to doctor and dentist to dentist so we really are the only ones who know everything about our health and health history.
Shelly Slader | www.dentistjindaleebrisbane.com.au