The Six-Step Screening for Dental Professionals

A thorough oral cancer screening includes three parts:
1- Intra-oral exam
2- Extra-oral exam
3- Oral history

To catch oral cancer in it’s early stages, patient education is critical.
How do you educate patients?

Use the Six-Step Script: “ We provide a thorough oral health exam. It includes a Six-Step oral cancer screening.”
Ask patients if they experience difficulty swallowing, chronic hoarseness or sore throat, one-sided pain in mouth or ear.
Offer a hand mirror to patients so they can watch you screen.
Perform a Six-Step Screening on all patients. Ask patients if it’s OK to palpate their neck.
Tell patients what you are looking and feeling for.
Be sure your patients know they have received an oral cancer screening.
Educate patients with the Six-Step Poster, Recare Cards and Goody Bag Cards.

Six-Step Screening Poster


Six-Step Screening Goody Bag Postcard