Intra/Extra Oral Exam Video

Video Resources of a Thorough Intra and Extra Oral Comprehensive Oral Cancer Screening

  • Refresh and build your skill at detecting suspicious lumps and lesions.
  • Use as in-service training in your office.

7-minute Intra/Extra Oral Exam

7-minute Intra/Extra Oral Exam video including a thorough clinical explanation produced by the Oral Cancer Foundation

4-Minute Oral Cancer Screening

A thorough screening in under 4 minutes, produced

Video on HPV

Why is it critical to do an extra-oral screening?? Here is the answer in an entertaining video:

Staff Party Idea

1- Show a head and neck exam video

2- Distribute gauze, tongue depressor, gloves, loupes/light

3- Provide a screening on a colleague

4- Develop a standard of oral cancer screenings for the practice

Bring Eva Grayzel to speak to your staff with her program entitled: Tongue-Tied: A Story NOT Silenced By Oral Cancer. This program is appropriate for the entire staff (as well as spouses!). Click to read feedback on Eva’s program.

Tongue-Tied: A Story NOT Silenced by Oral Cancer

View Eva’s full-length Keynote Presentation (56 min)

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Large Download (1.7GB): $49.95 Download

Learn more about Eva at

Other Resources

My favorite entertaining video on HPV

AAOM Clinician’s Guide by A. Ross Kerr, David Lederman, Hillel Ephros. A concise way to acquire education on early detection of oral cancer. Includes detailed photographs.

Issue of the OMS Clinics of North America, guest edited by Hillel Ephros, DMD, MD. Contributions from many dental practitioners on psychological issues. Includes a chapter by Albert Wu and Johns Hopkins associates about how to talk with patients and families when adverse outcomes occur.

For more information visit the Oral Cancer Foundation.