Does Wine, Coffee and Turmeric Stain Teeth?

It’s not the color of drinks/food that stain teeth, but the acidity that opens the pores in the tooth enamel which allows staining.  Strong enamel does not stain! says Dr. Ellie Phillips.

I have been making a drink with lemon, turmeric, honey, pepper and hot water. I’m VERY careful with the turmeric because it stains my countertop. However, I have not noticed my teeth staining, but I worried about it, so I did some research.

In a well-balanced mouth, you can drink coffee, red wine, and turmeric without staining. What is a well-balanced mouth? One that has a neutralized PH and low acidity. Acidity dissolves minerals from tooth enamel. Colors from foods and drinks enter through the porous surface.

People who bleach their teeth are trying to reverse this kind of staining. However, bleaching products are acidic – so the sequence repeats. Soft or porous teeth stain easily and are often sensitive.

What do I do? I start with Closys to balance PH. Then brush with Crest fluoride anti cavity paste. Rinse with Listerine (original with no additives like Tartar control or whitening). Before bed, I rinse with ACT so fluoride remains on my teeth during the night. I learned about this system from Dr. Ellie Phillips.

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  1. So I am curious what your system of care is to reduce the porosities other than fluoride.

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    Debra, Thanks for brining my attention to that last line which I didn’t mean to include! However, I edited the end of the post to answer your question.

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