Early Detection of Oral Cancer with Artificial Intelligence

Grading lesions accurately is vital in early oral cancer detection. I know this first-hand. My biopsy was misread as hyperkeratosis when in fact it was moderate dysplasia which has a decent chance of turning into cancer. Instead of an early diagnosis, my cancer spread to 3 lymph nodes and I was diagnosed at stage IV. Machine learning and AI can aid tissue diagnostics by removing subjectivity. It will help determine whether a lesion should be monitored or surgically removed.

“AI has the potential to revolutionize oral cancer diagnosis and management by ensuring accuracy, consistency and objectivity,” says Dr. Ali Khurram in an article from the University of Sheffield.

There are often huge variations in how patients with similar biopsy results are treated. Using AI automation and quantification will enable identification of pre-malignant changes in oral dysplasia, crucial for the early detection of oral cancer. Artificial intelligence will help doctors make a more informed and unbiased decision about the grading of the cells and the patient’s treatment pathway.

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