Eva’s Keynote Speech Influenced My Career Path: Improve Dental Care For Cancer Patients

Dear Eva,
In January of 2012, when I was in college, I volunteered in the oral oncology department of the British Columbia Cancer Agency. During this time I was exposed to dentistry and the challenges faced by those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer, but I didn’t really connect the dots between cancer and dentistry at that time. I later had the opportunity to hear your keynote speech at the annual cancer conference in Vancouver, BC. Truth be told, I went for the food but I left with a different perspective on life. I was thoroughly inspired and motivated. I finally saw dentistry beyond the narrow perspective most people hold. I learned the significance and importance of medicine in dentistry. More importantly, I learned that there is a need for dentists and specialists trained in and devoted to improving the dental care of cancer patients. Since then, I have become more involved in oral cancer research and have just finished my first year of dental school at the NYU College of Dentistry! I never considered dentistry as a career, but after I had the opportunity to hear you speak, you influenced my career path. Your journey opened my eyes to a part of dentistry that I did not know existed and I continue to be inspired by your words. There is a need for dentists devoted to improving dental care in cancer patients. It is my hope to help improve the prevention and detection of oral cancers such that others do not have to face the challenges and difficult journey you did.

Branden Brar

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  1. What a great testimonial. “You never know how something you may say, think, or do today will affect the lives of many tomorrow” You’re a true inspiration Eva.

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