Hi, my name is Eva and at age 33, I was diagnosed with stage IV oral cancer. I never knew you could get cancer in the mouth! A late stage diagnosis can disfigure one’s facial appearance and affect eating normally and speaking clearly. Oral cancer can ruin lives. Caught early, this disease is survivable without great loss to quality-of-life.

How to catch oral cancer early:

  • At your dental checkup, make sure you receive a thorough oral cancer screening.
  • Get educated by your dental professional about the signs, symptoms and risks. Ask questions.
  • Look in your mouth with a good light and mirror. Get to know what’s normal. SELF-EXAMS are a thing!
  • Feel your neck for hard, fixed nodes.

    You can help save lives! PRINT, DOWNLOAD and DISPLAY this poster at your place of work, your child’s high school and your dental practice. Give a copy to your doctor or healthcare clinic. Play a part in raising awareness. Please share. Get the word out. Together, we can make a difference.

    Oral health is the window to the health of the whole body.

    This patient education poster has been translated into many languages so everyone can act on information in order to live healthier lives. Support the oral health and well-being of all people. If there is a language you want to add to the list, get in touch!

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    Six-Step Screening Poster - Vietnamese (February 2022)