Head and Neck Cancer vs Oral Cancer: Let’s Clarify The Difference

What’s the difference between oral cancer and head and neck cancer?
There are five main types of Head/Neck Cancer:


  • 1- Oral Cavity (tongue, cheeks, lips, hard and soft palate, floor of mouth) and oropharynx (tonsils and base of tongue, tonsils to the tip of the voice box.)

    85% of all head and neck cancers are oral cancers

  • 2- Larynx (voice box) and hypopharynx (gullet)
  • 3- Thyroid
  • 4- Nasopharynx (nasal cavity and paranasal sinus)
  • 5- Salivary Gland

    Other head and neck cancer areas include the eyes, ears, esophagus and scalp.
    Cancers of the brain are a classification of its own and do not fall in the category of head and neck cancer.

    If you are dealing with an oral cancer, call it that. Instead of ‘head and neck cancer,’ use the proper terminology to raise awareness about this specific type of cancer. Due to the HPV virus, oral cancer is on an epidemic rise. Using the proper terminology and educating patients about oral cancer will promote early detection.

    Did this post adequately explain the difference between head and neck cancer and oral cancer?? Do you agree that using the words ‘oral cancer’ will raise awareness and potentially save lives?

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