Overall Health and Oral Health Intertwined

Failing to brush and floss regularly can lead to bleeding gums. When gums bleed, more than 700 types of bacteria and fatty plaque have direct access to the bloodstream. Here are some health problems related to poor dental hygiene that can become life-threatening:

HEART DISEASE:  Plaque encourages the clotting and blockages that raise your risk of heart disease and even sudden heart attack.

STROKES: Strokes are caused by interruption in blood flow to the brain. The same fatty plaque that causes heart disease can be responsible for life-threatening strokes.

RESPIRATORY DISEASE:  Individuals who don’t care for their teeth and gums are five times as likely to contract respiratory diseases which occur when bacteria are breathed directly into the lungs. This is far more likely to happen when inhaled air passes through an oral environment that encourages bacterial growth.

DIABETES:  Oral infections can cause blood sugar levels to rise, encouraging insulin imbalances.

OSTEOPOROSIS: People with advanced gum disease tend to have calcium deficiencies, which can eventually lead to osteoporosis.

Begin a regimen today to keep your oral health in prime condition! No one will take care of you, like you! Put time into dental hygiene….so you can live long and well!

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