How To Explain Cancer To A Child: ‘M.C. Plays Hide & Seek’

How do you explain cancer to a child? It’s a topic no one likes to broach, but left unaddressed children can become confused, sad, scared, anxious and frustrated – heart-breaking! M.C. Plays Hide & Seek is a short child-friendly book providing a simple yet realistic portrayal about:

  • What cancer can do and can’t do
  • How different doctors look for cancer
  • What doctors do if they find cancer
  • How children may feel when someone they love has cancer.
  • What children can do to make a difference
  • How families still have fun despite the change in lifestyle

    The wording is simple, the illustrations are playful and the photos are multicultural, making cancer understandable to all children, even those not directly affected by a cancer diagnosis in the family. It is an easy book for children to read themselves at home, school or in a doctors office. The overall message is one of empowerment for knowledge, compassion and hope.

    Including children in the ‘cancer talk,’ can go a long way to minimize fear, open lines of communication, develop coping skills and foster emotional health. If you are a mom, dad, grandma or grandpa with cancer, don’t ‘hide’ a cancer diagnosis from your children. ‘Seek’ out ‘M.C. Plays Hide & Seek!’

    For my blog subscribers, get a 40% discount from the publisher for 5+ books. Use the code: MCPlays40. Buy one for yourself, and give one to:
    – the young children of a friend recently diagnosed with cancer
    – your doctors office
    – your local cancer center
    – your oncologist

    For all purchases through the publisher through June, I will send you 2 free copies of ‘Mr. C The Globetrotter!

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