HPV Negative: So What Was the Cause of Your Oral Cancer if it wasn’t Tobacco?

Nancy: I was diagnosed at age 54. I was a very light smoker and quit altogether at 30.  They attribute my oral cancer to tobacco.  But I have my own idea about it – I used to chew a pack a day of Trident or some other sugar-free gum, chewing constantly. Food for thought.

Ed: I used Listerine 3-5 per a day for years because I thought I had bad breath. I would swish and gargle way back. When I developed cancer at the back of my tongue, HPV negative, I was sure that was the reason.

Eva: I was very angry about something when I developed the ulcer on my tongue. I was articulating my feelings, but they weren’t being heard or acted upon. I believe that is why my cancer manifested itself in my tongue.

So, what was the cause of your oral cancer if it wasn’t tobacco or HPV?


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  1. We often do not know the “cause” of cancer. Tobacco and HPV are risk factors for oral cancer, but other things may cause cellular changes. “There are other minor risk factors which have been associated with oral cancers, but have not yet been definitively shown to participate in their development. These include lichen planus, an inflammatory disease of the oral soft tissues, and genetic predispositions. – See more at: http://www.oralcancerfoundation.org/facts/#sthash.WyLGoFdd.dpuf“. Chewing gum and rinsing with Listerine of other rinses, with or without alcohol, have NOT been shown to be risk factors for oral cancer. Tobacco, along with alcoholic beverages (that you drink) are risk factors.

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