Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: No Effect on Squamous Cell Cancer Growth

HBOTCan Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) cause squamous cell cancer cells in the oral cavity or orapahrynx to run rampant? I met one survivor who believes HBOT caused her recurrence. When I was asked by another survivor if she should consider HBOT for radiation fibrosis, I figured I better ask an expert. This study suggests that supplying extra oxygen has no effect on squamous cell cancer growth.
Abstract: The effect of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on squamous cell cancer growth and tumor hypoxia.


I had three series of HBOT. My first series of 28 dives was 18 years ago for a split lower lip that wouldn’t heal after radiation therapy. Six years later, I had another 10 dives after an extraction. Three years after that, I had another 10 dives in preparation for dental implants in my radiated bone. HBOT has improved my quality of life!

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