Inspiration and Creativity from Fellow Survivors

A fellow oral cancer survivor who I’ve been in regular contact with came up with some amazing rap lyrics after hearing my oral cancer survivor rap.  She is currently having treatment for a recurrence of her cancer one year after her initial treatment – I’m sending her courage and hope! Here it goes:

I’m a friend of Eva’s, she speaks better than me
Her message, so important – it could have saved me!

‘Till I saw the right doctor it was just a spot you see
Never knew the real danger, it was worse then Stage 3!

Lost one-half my tongue, now my life’s an aggravation
Now I’m headed to the hospital for chemo and radiation

The cancer’s real aggressive, treatment side effects are hell
I’m hopin’ and I’m prayin’ this time it’s out of every cell

4 surgeries later and I’m still here to say
You gotta listen to Eva, and be proactive right away


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