Inspiring Vo-Tech with No-Tech…simply by story

Middle Bucks Institute of Technology

Vo-Techs have a reputation for being rife with students who are academically challenged, and don’t plan on going to college….but, it’s just the opposite! At Middle Bucks Institute of Technology, where I lectured yesterday, future engineers, architects, cosmetologists, dental hygienists, mechanics, electricians, media specialists…. were moved, inspired, and captivated by my personal story surviving oral cancer.
I remarked, “I am here to save lives. To make a stronger impact on young adults, I wrote a rap that I will perform today.” I caught an African American male in the second row roll his eyes. “I saw that,” I said, “And, I think you will be surprised….can you give me a beat?” His friends urged him to join me in front, along with another girl (caucasian), and together they gave me an awesome beat! A student from the media department, filmed it. He is autistic and a master of media. Can’t wait to see it!

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