Invaluable Support After a Tongue Cancer Diagnosis

Melissa was just diagnosed with tongue cancer. A mutual friend said “call Eva, she has been through it.” After being in touch with Melissa over the course of her treatment and recovery, I asked her to share her thoughts so others would feel comfortable reaching out.  If you know someone who needs a PRESCRIPTION FOR HOPE, have them contact me.

I was diagnosed with tongue cancer almost one year ago today.  The shock of it all and the speed with which everything happened (surgery and treatment) was overwhelming.  I was given Eva’s name by a colleague because I was told that she had experienced the same thing years before.  I have never met Eva in person, but her support by e-mail was invaluable to me.  Just being in touch with someone who had experienced what I was about to experience was unbelievably helpful.  She helped me with questions to ask the doctors and shared, really shared, what the radiation treatment would be like.  So, thank you Eva for all of your help and support and for all the work you do today to prevent others from going through what we did.  ~Melissa

Melissa and her Family


Eva Embraces A Survivor, Offering Hope

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  1. Looking to be able to converse with someone that has experienced tongue cancer. I have had the radiation, but it came back 6 months later, I had surgery, half my tongue removed and now 6 months later I am feeling very paranoid over it returning to the other side of my tongue as it is a bit sore and my ear is starting to ache like the other one. I am sitting here crying as I am writing this. Thanks.

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      Maggie, Do you have great doctors who are providing you with answers and solutions that feel right? I’m sorry you feel unsettled, but let’s see if we can empower you with a plan of action. Put the effort you are putting into worrying into finding the right medical team to support you in the way you need. Call my cell phone, tell me where you live, and I can try to help. Eva

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