Is Dental Work that is Necessary after Treatment for Oral Cancer ‘Medical’ or ‘Cosmetic’??

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It’s been an ongoing battle to get insurance to cover dental work I have needed and continue to need as a direct result of treatment for oral cancer. Radiation kills saliva production and minimizes vascularity to the oral cavity. That means the mouth is at a high risk for gum disease, cavities, and ultimately extractions. Is replacing teeth so a person can chew food normally so they don’t loose weight really cosmetic?? I have met many mouth cancer survivors who have double mortgaged their homes so they can pay for dental work and have a reasonable quality of life.

So, here is my question. If you have breast cancer, your breasts are reconstructed and health insurance pays. Is that ‘medical’ or ‘cosmetic’? When will insurance companies pay to reconstruct a part of the body that cannot be hidden in public!

Here is a story about a retired police officer who is fighting the system. How can we help him?

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