Jennifer – Chapter IV: Discharged

JENNIFER C from Toronto, Canada

JENNIFER C from Toronto, Canada

Jennifer’s Story
Chapter I: She is an RDH diagnosed with SCC of the right tonsil and scared about the treatment.
Chapter II: Jennifer’s surgery is successful and she feels gratitude.
Chapter III: One week post surgery

Hi Readers,
I am home…got home yesterday. However, I’m having difficulty choking every time I eat or drink at the moment. My surgeon said if things don’t improve by morning, he wants to re-admit me for a few days. We may have to place a gastric tube temporarily…I’ve already dropped 8 lbs and was only size 4 to begin with! However, there is much reason for celebration today, in spite of the choking! My surgeon had my pathology back today when he called…all the margins are clear, and although he removed 20 lymph nodes, there was only one that was cancerous…the one I originally found. And thankfully, there has been NO extracapsular spread…no chemo necessary!!!!! Yayyyyy!!!! I’ll be having radiation, but I was always okay with that!!
Thank you for your care and concern,

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