Can You Still Love a Face Disfigured from Cancer?

Derek is a member of the 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group. His wife was pregnant while having pain in her maxilla or upper jaw. Eventually, she was diagnosed with bone cancer, but the surgery required the removal of bone altering her face dramatically.  When I asked Derek if he can still see her beauty, he wrote this back to me:

“My wife is the sexiest woman I have ever met. Missing pieces is like art; if you see it from the right angle, all you see is beauty. Not all of us see art the same way.”

Don’t you love it? Spoken by a soldier, Derek is admirable on more than one front!

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  1. This soldier, Derek, is a great guy! We have heard about the saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. He sees her so beautifully.

    I have seen the cancer patients with disfigured faces, it is very unpleasant to have those looks. Supportive family and friends can make you deal with any condition.

  2. Derek and his wife will have a long and memorable marriage for they know the true meaning of love and their wedding vows. I wish them both the true joys of life and famioly!

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