Move Beyond the Fear of Recurrence: Live Life with Joy

Dear Eva,

Are we ever really able to move beyond the fear of recurrence?

Yes. After 5 years, the chances of a recurrence of the cancer are greatly reduced. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t get a new primary….along with every other human being on the planet. Cancer is random. Like a car/plane crash or a tragedy of some other kind, anything can happen at any time to anyone. So go live life with joy and join the rest of us who make the best of whatever we have. Remember, it’s not about the LENGTH of your life, it’s about the BREADTH of it.

Will you please share with me the things you do personally, to keep your immune system functioning optimally? Do you have faith in fasting, PolyMva or CBD oil to destroy cancer cells?

I have faith in JOY. A big part of healing is in your head. Do everything in moderation except experience the joy of life.
That is really all I do personally. I make my life meaningful everyday so when it’s my turn to go, I will feel like I left a footprint and my life was worth living.

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