My Hygienist Alert

I visit my dentist 2-3 times each year and this healthy routine paid off for me in a big way.

My Hygienist Saved My Life

During one of my visits, my hygienist Kim Anzalotti, was performing an oral check as she does each time I see her. After Kim checked the inside of my mouth she started her usual probing of my neck area. She pressed her finger on the right side of my neck and asked me if I had any pain in this area. I was truly taken aback; I had been experiencing pain in that very spot off and on for several weeks. I said I did have pain in that very area. She called the doctor over who advised me to see an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor for an exam. When I left the dentist’s office, I sort of filed the advise I was given at the bottom of my “to do list.”

A few weeks later the pain was visiting me more often. The ENT doctor I saw diagnosed a Stage 3 base of tongue cancer. I am happy to say that I am now in remission after many months of treatment. Who would think that a routine appointment with a Dental Hygienist would save my life. Who knows how long I would have ignored the pain if Kim didn’t put me on the alert?

Kim Anzalotti works at the dental office of Dr. William Bohen, Stuart, Florida.

Bill Wilson
Palm City Florida, burtonwood@comcast.net, (772)221-9202

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  1. Eva, I want to thank you for publishing my story. Hopefully, people will place your website in their favorites and vist you often. Also, if my story motivates a few to visit their dentist and insist upon a “head and neck” exam, it has served it purpose. Eva, keep up the wonderful work that you do with your powerful message.

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