Myth: Sugar Feeds Cancer Cells

“Sugar does not feed cancer cells any differently than it feeds healthy cells,” says Amanda Bontempo, a nutritionist and registered dietitian. Every cell in our body needs glucose (sugar) to survive, cancer cells and healthy cells alike. If we removed all sugar and carbohydrates from our diets, our bodies will naturally create sugar from protein and fat.  However, excess added sugar may increase a person’s risk for cancer.

Beware of ‘reduced fat’ products which often have extra added sugars. Fat free yogurts and health bars have more sugar than pop tarts! Juices can have more sugar than a can soda! Muesli can have more sugar than Froot Loops! “Light” ranch dressing has double the sugar than regular ranch dressing!

It is a myth that sugar feeds cancer cells. The bottom line is eat everything including sugar in moderation.




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