Oral Cancer Screenings in India

Through Six-Step Screening, I became friends with Anirudha Agnihotry, a dental student at Manipal College of Dental Sciences.  He is passionate about changing the rate of oral cancer in India and is active with the Oral Cancer Organization.

Even as a student, he is pictured here educating people about oral cancer and screenings in Jaipur, Rajasthan.  He performed a thorough exam on one of the attendees and educated them about the causes and early signs and symptoms.

Here are some of his points:

  • India has the highest number of victims of Oral Cancer
  • Oral Cancer accounts for 30% of all cancers in India
  • 60-80% of patients present with advanced disease, much higher than in developed countries.

I gave Anirudha permission to use the Six-Step Screening any way he wanted to help promote his passion to educate.  He wrote this to me:

“Eva, you are my motivation and add some inspiration to make me think towards making use of my profession for the good of the people.”

I’m honored to know such a dedicated young man.  May his passion spread far and wide!

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