Oral Cancer Survivor ‘Rap’ is born

I was driving up I-95, a long straight road from NY to Boston. LL Cool Jay was playing on the radio. I was bopping, snapping, and a line came into my head: “My name is Eva Grayzel; I have a story to tell.” I turned off the radio and my story was born into a ‘rap.’

I started performing my rap at lectures, getting the audience to snap, clap, and keep the beat. My children moaned in embarrassment saying it was too long, just not cool. I knew there was potential. I started looking for a rap artist to coach me and turn the rap into something young people would like and share. During the next two years, I came into contact with three different potential rap artists to work with. One was just too ‘ghetto.’ One used profanity too much and I didn’t think he would be a good person for me to associate myself with.

I had called a local DJ about playing music at our upcoming Oral Cancer Walk for Awareness. He had a wedding that day, but before we hung up the phone, it slipped out: “Know any rap artists that can coach me on rapping and create a professional track for my rap?” Lo and behold, he put me in touch with Gallo of PEM(Positive Energy Movement). What a gem! Not only a rap artist himself, but a producer of his albums and a talented music composer.

Here is a link to the Oral Cancer Survivor Rap lyrics. Comments appreciated!

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  1. I am dental hygienist in Hamilton, Ontario. You have a wonderful “news” story and I am glad you survived all you had to go through. You are an inspiration. If you had an Oral Systemic Report provided to you by a Systemic Hygiene Consultant, I believe you would have been diagnosed earlier. There are so many oral systemic connections now; we need to improve communication between the dental and medical community.

  2. Love it! Should be the beginning of a ground swell;-)
    I love my dentist in S Hadley MA. His hygienists always pull my tongue around and look under and in and all over, poke and get their nose in there..,. and he does it again if I see him the same day. They also feel my neck, throat, and I feel would note many problems before I might. I told my primary care doc at Dartmouth recently when she asked if I get to the dentist…, ‘ My dentist IS my primary care doc, no offense!’ For years I go for the 3 cleanings my insurance will pay for. And I would even if it weren’t paid for. Thanks for all your great proactive and creative work!!

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