Oral Cancer Survivor Rap

On my recent drive to Boston for a fundraising event, I was listening to one of my favorite old school rappers, LL Cool J. With a long stretch of highway in front of me, my creative juices kicked in and I thought of the line ‘My name is Eva Grayzel, I have a story to tell’……and the rhymes kept on coming. As soon as I arrived at my destination, I started typing my Oral Cancer Survivor Rap.  Check out these lyrics:

I thought it was a canker sore, just wouldn’t go away.
It got in the way of what I had to say.
It hurt so bad, affected what I ate.
I had to do something, and no longer wait.

An oral surgeon biopsied, it was negative.
It healed up and I got back to life and live.
With no more pain, I ate anything I like.
Went back to performing with my mouth on the mike.

Then it came back once again, two years later.
It wouldn’t heal, a real aggravator!
I complained to the surgeon that this sore won’t quit.
He said Orajel for pain, with salt water, rinse it.

I did. Everyday. But it didn’t go away.

Dentist said molars are sharp and shaved ‘em down.
If it doesn’t get better, she said, come back around.

I needed to believe this thing would heal.
With constant pain I cried, “What is the deal?”
It just wouldn’t go away and I was sick of it.
The oral surgeon said a night guard would do the trick.

I wore it 24/7 except when eating.
But in another few weeks we had another meeting.
I can’t live with the pain. Not anymore.
My earache on that side sent me right out the door.

I was desperate for answers. I needed a solution.
But, all along I was living a delusion.
You ready for the DX, the diagnosis?
Stage four Oral Cancer….Holy Moses!

You’d think this disease is for those who smoke and drink.
But look at me, I’m not the type you’de think
would get this disease. But, I made it through the hoop
I’m lucky to speak so I need to give ya’all the scoop.

If a sore doesn’t heal within two weeks,
Go to a dentist, oral surgeon and let them take a peek.
Go to a practice that has current eduction
in oral cancer so they can make a proper evaluation.

I survived so that I could tell ya my story.
But, I’ll spare you all the details of my surgery so gory.
Keep pestering the docs until the problem goes away
So you don’t go thru what I did – listen up – Hey!

Know the early signs when they check your tongue and more
The lips, cheeks, throat, palate, and the mouth floor.
Six-Step Screening answers ‘what the heck is it?’
And what to expect at your next dental visit.

With a reconstructed tongue and ONE neck muscle to boot
I can still rap and even break dance, what a hoot!
Oh ya don’t believe me…Hey, guys give me a beat.
This silver-haired woman can still turn on the heat.

I may be out of breath but I will never rest
until your mouth is up to par and Oral cancer’s on Radar!

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  1. Love the way you are telling your story. I wrote a blog post about this so I hope even more people will hear your story. So glad you survived all this. Your story is an inspiration and hopefully it will get more people to the dentist to be screened so cancer will be caught sooner than in your case.


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