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  1. Angela,

    Your case sounds similar to mine. I am about 9 weeks post op (Stage 1 scc of the tongue w/ no radiation nodes all clean) and just found a canker sore like lesion in the same spot. I am getting a little worried again, especially reading this blog which talks about quite a few reoccurrances. I am also interested in your alternative care. I have been looking into that and have a relative pushing me towards it as well. Any info on the medicine (the hard to find one) would be appreciated as welthank you,


    1. Post

      Dave, The return of the lesion sounds like a tell-tale sign that the original lesion wasn’t completely excised with clean margins. You may have better luck if an oral pathologist reads the slides (vs a general pathologist). There is usually an oral pathologist at the major medical centers. In my opinion, taking the alternative route can help, but first you have to make sure all the cancer cells are gone. I will try to connect you with Angela through email. Where did you have your surgery?

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