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  1. Hi Hector…
    I think something may be terribly wrong.
    About a year ago part of my tooth broke off…no pain
    Forward to Saturday 2017 Feb 19.
    Had to have tooth removed . Dentist surgically removed and had very difficult time due to roots. Found an infection but said she got it all out.
    Day of surgery pain and lump developing on cheek.
    Next day gland is swollen and neck is tender.
    Hard to open my mouth.
    Day 3 decide to go to ER because of so much gum pain and gland being swollen.
    Checked for infection with CT scan. Came up negative.
    Prescribed penicillin for said found infection and Naprosyn for pain.
    Day 4 pain so bad in throat can hardly swallow and now entire neck is swollen and hard.
    Spreading to my other gland.

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      Michelle, Sorry you are experiencing this scary pain. Be comforted knowing that cancer doesn’t spread in 4 days whereas infections do. It’s always recommended to get a second opinion, especially if you are feeling concerned it could be more serious. Hopefully, it resolves.

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