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  1. I have had lump in front of ear lobe for 5 yrs. It was movable & starting to cause pain. It graduated into making the side of my face quiver or pull at corner of mouth & lip. I went to U of Louisville School of Dentistry because my jaw joint was affected. They where no help. I then went to U of L ENT, they dismissed it even after MRI showed a Malignant Mass 5mm in size. My face feels slightly permanently pulled at lip & corner of mouth … Have asked to have this mass tested to no avail. I made appointment with cancer specialist said I need referral by ENT. My jaw joint feels dead & numb like the jaw is deteriorating. I broke my jaw as child and it never got fixed but somehow feels all connected. Sorry for long story but feel like I’m not getting help. Thank you Thomas Ward in Louisville

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      Thomas, An MRI showed a malignant mass and nothing was done? Whoever ordered that MRI should have followed up with your care. What went wrong? Good thing you are being proactive….don’t give up. U of L has a good reputation so I hope you find a way into the system where it doesn’t fail you. Another option is to go to UKY.

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