The Six-Step Screening for Patients

Do you get a Six-Step oral cancer screening at your dental check-up? It is a dental professionals obligation to educate you about the early signs of oral cancer and to provide a thorough screening. Here are the six steps you take to be sure you receive a comprehensive Six-Steps Screening:

Call your dental practice to be sure an oral cancer screening is a part of every dental check-up.
Make sure you receive a thorough screening. Clinically, it is called an ‘intra and extra oral screening’ or a ‘visual screening with palpation.’ In other words, looking and feeling inside the mouth, at the back of the throat and feeling the neck.
Ask if you can hold the hand mirror and watch.
Ask if you can be told what they are looking and feeling for and ask questions.
Tell the practitioner if you have noticed anything odd when swallowing, peculiar sore throats or coughing/clearing throat.
Ask friends and family if they receive the same care at their dental check-up.