Radiation Mouth Sores: Painful to Eat

Dear Eva,
I’m in week 3 of treatments for oral cancer. The mouth sores have really kicked in. Hard to eat anything I have to chew. Sticking to Ensure and other drinks, creamed soups, mashed potatoes and gravy, scrambled eggs. My doctor said I am losing too much weight, can’t lose anymore or the mask won’t fit properly. Any suggestions to get through this period would be much appreciated. Thank you.

You are now approaching the hardest part of treatment. Focus on the end, only 3 weeks away. Just imagine, 3 weeks for years of life….it’s worth it!

I remember liking pureed spinach because it had a cooling feeling. I forced myself to eat a mouthful of food every 15 minutes to keep the weight up. It was about the amount of time I needed to tolerate the pain of another mouthful. Do you have funny movies lined up to watch? If you watch while you eat, you can be distracted a bit and maybe get through it more easily.

This is your marathon. You are mid-run staring at a steep incline. Look up and keep going.

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  1. Thank you Eva. You are always so helpful with your suggestions and words of encouragement!

  2. I lived on pureed sweet potatoes. They have lots of nutrients and were the only food I could swallow. Try putting butter in them to act as a lubricant.

    1. Post

      I love the idea of butter as a lubricant! I remember my mom putting pureed sweet potato in a martini glass with a leaf of mint from my garden to make it look gourmet and a little different from the pureed sweet potato I had the day before.

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