Recommended 6-Month Oral Cavity Service: Physical And Financial Consequences

My 42 year old friend who had dental insurance through his job, had not been to his dentist for a checkup in two years. Just a week prior to his dental checkup, his new Toyota Forerunner hit 5,000 miles and was scheduled for the recommended 5,000 mile service.

The $30,000 question is WHY did he wait 24 months for the recommended 6-month oral cavity service? Is it because his dental professionals are not educating him about the value of the service they provide and the physical and financial consequences of not seeing a dental professional regularly? This friend never had a cavity in his adult teeth….but at this appointment, much to his dismay, he had two cavities between his teeth where he wasn’t flossing.

What are car dealers doing that dental professionals are not doing?



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