Risks of Exposed Toothbrush Heads: Cleaning Fluid, Bacteria and Dust

Is your toothbrush sitting in a toothbrush holder on your sink top? Not so sanitary, but convenient. Not so pretty, but practical. If you had to open a cabinet and reach in carefully to prevent knocking over other things, you may not brush as often.  I’m a grab and brush gal. What microscopic drops of cleaning fluid, bacteria, and dust end up on my toothbrush head and then potentially under my gums?

I keep my Sonicare in it’s stand, brush head UNcovered. My Nimbus toothbrush sits in a plastic cup attached by suction to the tile just above my sink.  I know bacteria grows everywhere and on everything. My brush head dries out between uses and I always run hot water over the brush before using.

When I’m in a hotel room, I’m careful to put my toothbrush upside down in my Waterpik travel case to protect it from flying cleaning fluid spritz. I don’t dwell on why I got oral cancer, but is it possible a spritz of disinfectant burned into a tiny area of my tender oral tissue beginning the process of developing oral cancer?

I’m guilty of keeping a toothbrush in the shower. I wash my hands before I rub my thumb back and forth over the bristles under the hot water. I’m hoping the benefits of brushing outweigh the risks of exposed toothbrush heads in and around my bathroom. It must because I rarely get sick. My hygienist always tells me my oral tissue is nice and pink and my teeth are cleaned well!

Do you have a different toothbrush storage routine?




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