Shine A Light On The Value of Oral Cancer Screening Devices

Oral Cancer Screening Light

You know those lights dental practices use to find oral cancer early? Let me give you the low down with everything you need to know about them.


The auto florescent technology in the light devices illuminate the blood supply under the tissue, not visible with the naked eye. Early stage oral cancer and even a pre-cancer, will look black under the light. However, a pizza burn, cheek bite or scar tissue can also look black.


It’s easy to misread something normal as cancer.The person who uses the adjunct device should use it often for proficiency.


Get educated before you accept the treatment. Too many times, patients are asked if they want an ‘advanced screening’ while they are sitting in the chair. Ask the dental office to send you information and you can come back in, or get it next time.


Consider the time. Ask how long it takes and if that time is added to your hygiene appointment.


It should never replace a visual and tactile screening


This treatment is a discovery tool, not a diagnostic tool.

I greatly appreciate dental practices who promote patient education and early detection of oral cancer. My preference is that all dental practices who have an adjunct device charge a little extra on every bill and offer the screening to everyone as often as they like or need!

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