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What other treasures will you find here?

Six-Step Oral Cancer Screening Poster (8.5″ x  11″ or 18″ x  24″)

How will patients know they are receiving exceptional care if you don’t tell them? Most patients have never heard of oral cancer. They don’t know they have received a screening even though you look and palpate.  If patients don’t know what you are looking for, how will they know a symptom could be serious? Educate patients about oral cancer. It is the responsibility of every dental practice. Partner with patients through education to catch this disease early.

8.5″ x 11″ Poster – $10.00 each
8.5″ x 11″ Posters – 10PCS for $50.00

18″ x 24″ Poster – $30.00 each

18″ x 24″ Poster – 2PCS FOR $50.00

Six-Step Screening Recare Card
(4″ x 6″)

Send out a reminder that educates patients about the value of services you provide. The back side is not glossy making it easy to write on with any kind of pen.

This card can be personalized with your logo, address, and phone number in the return address box for an additional $100.

200 Postcards for $80.00

500 Postcards for $150.00

1000 Postcards for $220.00


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Customize the Six-Step Screening Recare Card with your dental practice information:

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Six-Step Goody Bag Postcard
(4″ x 6″)

In addition to the toothpaste, brush and floss you include in the patient goody bag, inform patients about the care they received. Solicit new business with a call to action for patients to share the card with family and friends to ensure they receive the same quality of care at their dental checkup. This card may get pinned to the fridge and save a life!

200 Postcards for $80.00

500 Postcards for $150.00

1000 Postcards for $220.00


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Customize the Six-Step Screening Goody Bag Card with your dental practice information:

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Six-Step Self-Exam Postcard
(4″ x 6″)

A dermatologist educates patients about what skin cancers look like. A gynecologist educates about how to do a self-exam for breast cancer. It’s time to begin encouraging self-exams of the mouth. Take a peek inside and get to know your normal. Feel around your neck for nodes or lumps that are not normal. Oral cancer is easily survivable if caught early.

200 Postcards for $80.00

500 Postcards for $150.00

1000 Postcards for $220.00

Personalized digital version with unlimited use to text message patients. $395

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My Story Legacy

My Story Legacy is a 12-page guide to document personal stories, a gift more valuable than any material possessions.

  • Special words to special people
  • Family stories to be remembered
  • Values you hope will live on
  • Dreams realized and unrealized
  • Advice on love
  • Apologies to make
No need to think twice.
Hard copy $12.00 (Click Add To Cart button)
My Story Legacy for $12.00

My Story Legacy 10 for $50.00 ($5.00 each or 2 for free)

My Story Legacy 50 for $200.00 ($4.00 each or 10 free)

Digital Download $2.99

Download PDF

 Sample Pages

Oral Cancer Save-A-Life Rap – HD

An entertaining and educational professionally-produced music video with studio-trained ballet dancers and NYC break dancers presenting a story about oral cancer. This 3-minute music video with lyrics in the subtitle can be played on a monitor in the office. $2.99

Subtitles with lyrics

Download in HD

Beating the Odds: A Story NOT Silenced by Oral Cancer

View Eva’s full-length Keynote Presentation (56 min)

  • Mobile Download (350MB, FREE)
  • Medium Download (604MB, $29.95)
  • Large Download (1.7GB, $49.95)

Live Q&A with Eva by Skype, FaceTime or video conference: $125 for 30 minutes.

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The Talk4Hope book series helps children understand what cancer is, learn skills to deal with their fears and communicate their feelings with family members. Visit to view sample pages. Proceeds from the Talk4Hope book series allow for donations of copies to cancer resource libraries, cancer hospitals, and not-for-profit cancer organizations across the U.S. and Canada.

M.C. Plays Hide & Seek

MC is a cancer cell who shares just enough information about the nature of the disease to promote dialogue and minimize fear. Learn about doctors who look for cancer. Understand feelings children experience and learn ways to cope. Empower children with knowledge and how to make a difference. When a schoolmate, friend, or family member gets a cancer diagnosis, children can have a healthy response instead of turn away with apprehension.

Don’t ‘hide’ a cancer diagnosis from children – ‘Seek’ out the Talk4Hope Family Book Series!

Soft cover book (5” x 8.5”)

Digital Download

Purchase a PDF version of this book for $9.99
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Bulk Orders

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Custom First Page

Custom personalized first page available: Contact Eva for pricing.

Mr. C the Globetrotter

Meet Mr. C, a cancer cell, up close and personal, as he visits countries around the globe. He introduces readers to children who have a family member with cancer. Each child shares his or her name, it’s meaning, and how they’ve been coping since Mr. C came to visit. Readers are empowered with ways to help themselves and others.


1 book for $4.95

Download PDF iBooks for iPad