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JENNIFER C from Toronto, Canada

JENNIFER C from Toronto, Canada

Several readers commented on my recent blog post about Jennifer, an RDH diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer and scared of treatment. Today, I received an email from Jennifer and this is what she wrote:

Hi Eva and all her blog readers about me,

Surgery went well last Thursday! The pharyngectomy was performed with clear margins, and now just awaiting the results from pathology on the lymph nodes. Took a little bit to get pain meds straightened, as I’m a bit sensitive…to almost everything! Up walking dutifully every day now, and trying to re-learn swallowing. It’s been a fair-sized bump in my life path, but I find reasons for belly laughs every day. I am surrounded by brilliant Drs, and the most wonderful, caring nurses. I’m so deeply grateful for all the brains and compassion to whom God has handed me to entrust my care in their hands.

Thank you for the care and kind uplifting words from the readers! You all mean so much to me.

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