Support During Oral Cancer Makes a Big Difference



I am writing to say that your confidence and encouragement during my recent trauma was a very important source of stability in my outlook as matters developed. For this reassurance I am truly grateful for your swift and gracious response to the contact made by my daughter-in-law, Anne.

Your statement, and I quote “rest assured that your cancer was probably caught early and very curable,” proved to be correct in all respects.

I saw the ENT surgeon and the Dental surgeon in July and was operated on 26 August with a removal of a lateral left side slice of 4 1/2 cm x 3cm x up to 1 cm deep of the tongue. Three weeks later I saw the surgeon again who confirmed that the pathologist report advised they seemed to have successfully excised all the bad bit and the surrounding area was apparently clear. I also had a cursory inspection by the dental surgeon who also took part in the operation about two weeks ago and she said it all looked good!

The great care by my lovely wife Jean was most instrumental in the days and weeks since the op. Anne also gave us some tapes which helped me relax and sleep during the recovery!

So once again, I thank you most sincerely for your caring, and instantaneous response to my request for help and reassurance. We must all together hope and pray for no recurrence, and look forward with confidence to the future.

I hope we may meet personally one day.
Vancouver, BC

* FYI, Ted and I did met personally twice now! The first time was when I spoke in Vancouver for the British Columbia Cancer Agency Annual Conference. Two years after that, I was asked to be the keynote speaker for the same conference and made sure to meet up with Ted. He is thriving!

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