Survivor Jumping For Joy -New York Times Jan15th, 2012

From the New York Times Travel Section, Sunday January 15th 2012

“This is my mom, Eva Grayzel, jumping for joy as the sun was setting. She is a 13-year survivor of Stage 4 tongue cancer. After getting a second chance at life, she now shares her personal survival story by traveling around the globe and educating people about oral cancer. This photo was taken during a weeklong road trip with my aunt and sister. My mom always plans side trips during her travel so she can visit new places and find inspiration.”

Jeremy Cohen, New York City

My son Jeremy is a photography student and sophomore at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.  What a feather in his cap to have his photo on a full half page of the New York Times!  People have asked me if  he photo-shopped the picture because it looks unreal that I am jumping so high.  I am only jumping a few inches off a small flat area of this rock.He took the photo upwards with a wide angle lens making it look like I’m flying.  Jeremy captured what I feel with every new day of life I’m given.

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  1. Muy buen post…pero lo mas lindo es ese bebe poseirco….!!!! para comerselo a besos con ese dientico…!!!!Abrazos paisanita y feliz fin de semana 🙂

  2. I couldn’t believe my eyes! While reading the New York Times travel section on January 15th, 2012, I saw this fantastic photo of you with a caption by your son saying you were a stage 4 survivor of tongue cancer. I too am a survivor, 8 years and counting. My dentist caught mine early, but I still had surgery & radiation. I have lost most of my lower teeth, but I’m still smiling! If you’re ever in the San Francisco Bay area, please let me know. Thanks for all your great work in spreading the word. ~Nancy

  3. Love abounds on so many levels in this photo.
    Your son-the-photographer, your joyful leaping self,
    the great rocks surging upwards,
    and the sun gathering all of this moment in it’s golden arms.

  4. Nancy,
    It turns out I am going to be in San Francisco at the end of April to speak for the San Francisco Dental Society and University of the Pacific’s Dugoni School of Dentistry. I invite you to hear me speak and if you are available, we can lunch together. I would be honored to meet another survivor!

  5. That is absolutely AMAZING. Seriously, truly, incredible. WOW. What an image, and what a great write-up. Literally an image that leaves me speechless. WOW.

  6. Eva it makes my heart sing to see this beautiful photo of you taken by your amazingly talented son!  And not only that, what he writes as caption, it shows his love for you and how proud he is of you.  It furthermore shows all the positive things you do and your great attitude towards life.  It makes my heart sing!  This NYTimes half page tells so much about both of you.  I can hear it, God is also singing!
    Maria Elisa

  7. Wow! very inspirational!

    It should be used as one of those motivational posters that are framed. Many businesses have them in their offices…Yours should say “Life is Beautiful”. 🙂

  8. Eva, your joyful spirit is evidenced by this amazing photo..I am certain you have been an inspiration to many with all that you are doing in the celebration of life.

  9. Love it!!! Michael “Air” Jordon would be proud!
    What a beautiful photo you son took. It really shows your joie de vivre as well as his amazing talent!

  10. Eva – thank you for sharing your story regarding your stage 4 oral cancer. I enjoyed meeting you at the 2011 eWomenNetwork conference and would encourage you to speak at the 2012 conference. I love that you “play out loud” everyday and your son is an amazing photographer with a bright future ahead. Congratulations! Continued success and blessings – my friend!

  11. hey Eva – big hugs. I am reading this in Chiang Mai Thailand where I am working with an NGO, arranged by AJWS. Kudos to you and your son – there are many ways to make a difference and how wonderful to be recognized in the NY Times. Be
    sure to tell your son that long ago YOU taught my daughters how to dive – airborne is in your nature.

  12. Wow, Eva!!!!! website and photo looks so good. It is hard to beieve that your son is in college and it has been 13 years for you…much love from California

  13. Congratulations to Jeremy and you for your successes. Continued blessings to you both in all that you do.

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