Take Control of Cancer: Don’t let cancer control YOU

Dear Eva,
I had massive surgery to remove tumor in lower jaw & cheek followed by 30 radiation treatments which near killed me. I now suffer badly from side effects & nearly everything I eat gives a burning in the mouth. Just smelling some spices makes me burn & break out in massive sweat. Is there anything I can do to try to get rid of this crap? Wish I’d never had the radiation.


Mark from Australia



Hi Mark,

Agreed, radiation was the worst – almost killed me. But, it also saved my life. No recurrence in 17 years. Mark, people live with all kinds of challenges, and this one has chosen you. You can forever forget about spicy, peppery foods. Be creative with food. Greek yogurt, pureed spinach (very cooling food), scrambled eggs, whipped sweet potato. It may help to get a nutritionist involved to suggest foods that are manageable. Eat what you can and get on with enjoying life. Don’t let cancer take control of you….YOU take control of cancer. It’s natural to be angry and complain. It’s a skill to recognize your gifts especially during challenging times. So, start practicing focussing on all you DO have and not what you have lost. Why? Because this is your life, you only have this one, and only YOU can take care of you best. So start being very kind to yourself, and take good care of Mark.
You may not be the type to find a life coach or therapist, if you are like most men I know, however, it is another idea of how you can get support to living the kind of life you want for yourself.
Feel free to contact me anytime.
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