Talk 4 Hope: Cancer Survivorship Stats

Cancer Survivor Statistics 2014How many cancer survivors are there in the US? The American Cancer Society summarized the data:
14.5 million cancer survivors are alive in the Unites States
64% were diagnosed 5 or more years ago
15% were diagnosed 20 or more years ago
5% are younger than 40 and 46% are 70 or over

In 10 years, it’s estimated that the population of cancer survivors will increase to 19 million, half men, half women. More specific statistics are here

When I reached my 10 year cancer free anniversary, I wanted to mark the event. What better way than to help children? My books Mr. C Plays Hide & Seek and Mr. C The Globetrotter are everything I wished I had for my own children.

How large is the market for my books? EVERY cancer survivor has a child in their life who loves them. An actual number is probably multiples of the 14.5 cancer survivors living today. My dream is to get my books into the hands of children who need them. If you know of a cancer center that needs to provide resources to newly diagnosed cancer patients, I’d welcome the contact. Help me help empower children when a family member is diagnosed with cancer.

Thank you, Eva Grayzel

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