Tattoos 4 Teeth!

I just read an article about a dental technician who makes permanent art on teeth. Call it a tattoo! Usually it’s a crown on a molar. You would pull your lip aside to show someone the team you admire, the country flag, or a flower. He doesn’t just paint it on. He engraves the design into the crown. Each color needs to be fired separately otherwise they will bleed. He fires it another couple of times with a clear coating. Then the crown is returned to the dentist who places it into the patients mouth.

We tattoo skin and it’s painful. Tooth tattooing isn’t painful at all. Removing a skin tattoo is painful and not always successful. Removing a tooth tattoo is easy. He simply sands it off, smoothes out the surface, shines it up and it’s good to go!

What do you think????

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